Ike's Newsletter January 27, 2023


The early bird registration is open TODAY ONLY, for those who have not registered. There will be a celebration to exceed your expectations at this year’s Subby Awards Gala. The Winners have been selected, but no one knows who they are except the accountants. Three hundred are already registered, including twenty-two General Contractors. Do not miss the networking event of the year.


Owners want to know when you are not getting paid. The old, outdated tenet that you can only discuss your issues with the GC are going the way of the horse and buggy as Owners realize they cannot survive without stable, profitable subcontractors. A task force of the ASAMW Board met with three of the area’s more prominent owners to discuss change order issues. Here are some take-aways from that discussion:

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Ike's Newsletter January 13, 2023


Most members have voted on the BEST GCs in the DMV, but we need to be sure ALL members vote. If you have not, please do so now.  You received an email from Patti with a link to vote. If you need it again, just reply to this email.  


On Jan. 11th a few members heard how one of our members has found ways to address the workforce issue. Chad Gill is an ASAMW member in Richmond who learned that people from anywhere in the world can be hired to help you run your business in an efficient and profitable manner. Reply to this email if you would like a copy of his PowerPoint.

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Ike's Newsletter December 16, 2022

ASAMW’s Big Win for Subcontractors in D.C.  

What to do Now? – Subcontract clauses that provide for an overbroad “right of offset” and “Broad Form Indemnity” will be unenforceable in DC after the legislation goes through review by the US Congress. Upon Congressional approval, in negotiating with the Prime Contractor, point out that the bolded language below is illegal and unenforceable in the District of Columbia:

Right of Offset – Look for a phrase like this: Contractor may withhold amounts otherwise due under this Subcontract or any other agreement between the parties to cover Contractor’s reasonable estimate of any costs or liability Contractor has incurred or may incur for which Subcontractor may be responsible under this Subcontract or any other agreement between the parties.

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Ike's Newsletter December 2, 2022

Nominate GCs for SUBBY Award

Today is the Deadline - Please take a few minutes to make a nomination for next year’s SUBBYs.  This investment of your time is vital to our mission of Better Construction through Fair Construction.  Think of the individuals and companies you work with who do their best to make the project run smoothly.  No one is perfect, but we want to recognize the BEST. Make nominations here. I suggest you assign one person at your company to obtain as many nominations as possible.  Now is the time for all members to give a few minutes to their industry.  

A Big Legislative Win in DC after three years of pushing for passage of Legislation to make ‘right of offset” and “Broad Form Indemnity” unenforceable.  Both clauses will be prohibited in your subcontracts after final vote and approval by the US Congress, which should be before April 1, 2023. Now you will find these clauses in your subcontracts in DC, even though they are not allowed in Maryland or Virginia.  Click here for an excellent article that was written in 2020, by Lauren McLaughlin, before passage of this legislation.  Thanks to ASAMW Vice President Cindy Athey, Precision Wall Tech, for testifying.  A full report is available by replying to this email.   

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