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GC Superintendent of the Year

GC Project Manager of the Year

Bill Bunnell, HITT Contracting, Inc.

Andrew Burnett, Carmel Construction LLC

Joe Crisman, E.E. Reed Construction - East Coast

Billy Eckhardt, HITT Contracting, Inc.

Dan Evans, Donohoe Construction Company

Chelsea Forman, Mortenson

Lope Hernandez, Rand* Construction

Ben Fry, John Moriarty & Associates of Virginia

Monique Holley, Clark Construction Group

Brian Hobbs, HITT Contracting, Inc.

Christopher Marro, Gilbane Building Company

Bill Hunley, Grunley Construction Company

Doug Mills. HITT Contracting, Inc.

Orman Kimbrough, Clark Construction Group

Rob Minghini, GCS SIGAL

Maggie McGillian, Clark Construction Group

Larry Pague, Wohlsen Construction

Colin McShane, E.E. Reed - East Coast

Arthur Sampson, Mortenson

Brent Nagel, Rand* Construction

Travis Williams, Clark Construction Group

Krystine Opinion, MCN Build


Rupal Pandya, W.M. Schlosser Co.


Davis Priester, HITT Contracting, Inc.


Jeff Rakitt, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company


Austin Shaheen, Donohoe Construction Company


Anthony Viola, John Moriarty & Associates of Virginia



GC Project Engineer

GC Group Manager/Leader

Amir Arabzadeh, Clark Construction Group

Andy Fuhrmann, Clark Construction Group

Grace Hartzman, Clark Construction Group

Bob Kehoe, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Johanna Ma, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Jeff King, Clark Construction Group

Tom Reigelman, Hensel Phelps

Peter Lanfranchi, HITT Contracting

Khari Streets, Wohlsen Construction

Tim Loftus, Donohoe Construction Company

Maggie Wood, Clark Construction Group

Mac Naeemi, Smoot Construction of Washington


John Swagart, Clark Construction Group





GC Safety Manager of the Year

GC National

Paul Goodier, Grunley Construction Company

Carmel Construction LLC

Deborah Magano, Teel Construction

CBG Building Company

Charles Molloy, Clark Construction Group

Clark Construction Group

Joe Visgaitis, Gilbane Building Company

DPR Construction


Gilbane Building Company


Hensel Phelps


HITT Contracting, Inc.


John Moriarty & Associates of Virginia


PC Construction


Rand* Construction


The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company



GC Local/Regional

Best GC Retail, Restaurant, Etc.

Associated Builders Inc (ABI)

Doyle Construction

Bozzuto Construction

Teel Construction

Coakley & Williams Construction

Venture Construction Company

Donohoe Construction Company


E.E. Reed Construction - East Coast


Eichberg Construction


Foulger-Pratt Contracting





GC Prompt Change Order Process


Great Team

Associated Builders Inc (ABI)

1150 1st Street

Clark Construction Group

Department of Energy Interior Alteration Project

Donohoe Construction Company

George Washington Carver Center USDA Building

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

METS 6,7,8


Miltenyi Biotec



Service Provider of the Year

Second-Tier Contractor

AssuredPartners (formerly known as Early Cassidy & Schilling)

Engineered Services, Inc.

Marsh & McLennan

Southern Insulation


Wayne Insulation Co., Inc.



Industry Achievement

Safety Subcontractor of the Year (Voted on by GC)

Senator John Bell, Virginia District 13

Ira Hackett, Anderson Mechanical Services, Inc.


Rich Schartiger, Beckstrom Electric


Kyrle Knouse, Calvert Masonry, Inc.


Alex Rodas, Miller & Long Co., Inc.



Subcontractor of the Year (Voted on by GC)




Telligent Masonry, LLC


Titan Mechanical, Inc.